Register Company in Thailand and Enjoy the Benefits


Thailand is in Southeast Asia. It is a beautiful country featuring no foreign rules. Thailand people have an independent and strong sense of identity. Thailand’s economy is based on the tourism industry. However, people wishing to establish a business can do so in Thailand. It is the best place in Asia offering many advantages.  To begin with, you have to register a company in Thailand.


What are the benefits to register a company in Thailand?


Strategic Location

The Thailand location is exactly between India and China.  It is a strategic location attracting many foreigners. It is also a booming Asian market to establish a business. You can hire a Thailand legal firm, and get details about establishing a business. On establishing a business, you get access to the Asian free trade.


Government Support

The biggest advantage to register a company in Thailand is the supportive Thai Government.  It supports all foreign-owned businesses. There are various types of business opportunities offered by the Thai government. You can get to know from a Thailand legal firm attorney. It is given aiming to attract foreign direct investment. Thus, the registration process is kept simple for foreign investors to set up a business, effortlessly.


Affordable Workforce

Thailand has sufficient workforce hands available. Thailand’s literacy rates are more than 90%, and it means there is an educated workforce in more numbers. The workforce in daily wage terms is cost-efficient. Thailand’s average daily wages fall between $6 to $10.


Thriving Tourism Industry

People throng to Thailand in huge numbers that it is viewed as the best tourist destination.  It is advantageous for businesses offering international customer service. Businesses such as restaurants and hotels are sure to benefit the tourism industry. Besides, to register a company in Thailand is a breeze work.


Less Hassle 

Foreign companies are keen to move to Thailand, their head offices.  It is because of various advantages. However, they may take the help of a Thailand legal firm to settle here. The benefits are:


  • No Thai corporation tax from international businesses is charged.

  • Free from overseas remittance and currency controls

  • 10% tax on income earned from other international companies, regional head office or branch offices.


American citizens can register foreign-owned companies to 100%. While other countries citizens are not allowed 100% registration.   You can register a company in Thailand easily. The corporate tax rate on net income is 30%. However, as the investment structure is complex in Thailand, it is best to seek the assistance of a Thailand legal firm attorney.


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